The historic NO of the Italian people

After decades of passivity, we are seeing the first stirrings of a deep social awakening. The crisis has dug into the minds and hearts of millions of people.
European Union

Political Platform of the European Coordination to Exit the Euro, the European Union and NATO

Several progressist political organizations from European Union countries adopted the following political platform to exit the euro, the European Union (EU) and NATO.
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Discours de Jacques Nikonoff

Jacques Nikonoff, candidat à l’élection de la présidence de la République française Au titre du Rassemblement pour la démondialisation

I Saluti di Julio Anguita al III Forum

Julio Anguita: "Un saludo y un abrazo fraternal a los compañeros y compañeras reunidos en Chianciano que vais a intentar cocinar políticas, discursos y propuestas sobre nuestra ambición común: Buscar una salida del euro en nuestros respectivos países".

Lexit announces the support to the III No Euro Forum in Chianciano Terme

Dear Lexit supporters,we hope you had a nice summer break!Some discussions are too pressing for a break: The political debate on Euro and neoliberal integration has maintained its momentum throughout the summer. You can find some very interesting contributions further down. And: Back into full activity, the Lexit Network is already preparing a first physical meeting.
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Int’l No Euro Forum

As the socio-economic arguments of the elites in favour of the Euro regime have been evaporating, left-liberalism withdraws top a defence line depicting the EU as guarantor of peace. Not only that free-trade steamrolling continues to inflict poverty on Africa and the capitalist periphery as a whole thus stoking conflicts, there is also the special case of Ukraine giving lie to the Europeanist claim.
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About EPAM (United People's Front)

The United People’s Front (EPAM) was formed to organize the resistance and support the Greek people's struggle against the occupation. A key moment for its creation was the glorious uprising of the people in month-long demonstrations occupying the squares of almost all Greek cities, beginning with Syntagma Square in the center of Athens.